Arbutus Second Stage Facility Announcement

Miklat Recovery Society and Powell River Regional Hospital District recognize the urgent need for more affordable substance use disorder treatment in Powell River.  People experiencing addiction are already a part of our community; we want to help them find safe and affordable treatment in the community. Miklat Recovery Society is proposing to lease the property at 5907 Arbutus Avenue from the Regional Hospital District Board to build 10 residential units with supports for clients who have graduated from our residential treatment program and wish to transition back into the community with supportive housing.

We are committed to building recovery programs that are an asset to the community and to offer a continuum of care for our clients. The location is ideal due to its location and proximity to community recovery services such as the Alano Club.  The site does not require any rezoning. Miklat Recovery Society will be applying to the City of Powell River for a building permit. We anticipate that renovation/construction will start in the spring of 2020 and complete in the fall of 2020.

We understand it is important for you to be informed about this project and have an opportunity to ask questions. Please join us for a neighbourhood information session.


Miklat Recovery Society and Powell River Regional Hospital District will be holding an information session on site to share information about the housing and give neighbours an opportunity to ask questions.


TIME: 5:30 pm through 7:30 pm


Who will operate the recovery program?

The recovery program will be operated by Miklat Recovery Society. The responsibilities of the operator will include property management, operations management and client selection.  Once clients move in, staff will remain on-site 24/7 for support. The operator will be committed to be a good neighbour.

Miklat Recovery Society is regulated by the Assisted Living Registry.  The Assisted Living Registry has its own complaint procedure which Miklat will fall under.  This Good Neighbour Agreement is intended to assist with the successful integration of this facility into the surrounding neighbourhood and community as a whole.

Who will live there?

People who apply to live at the recovery facility will need to successfully graduate from programming at our other location and who require additional residential supports and programming.  Clients will be individual men 19 and older who need additional support services to sustain their recovery from substance use disorder.  Clients will be provided support to assist with their successful recovery, including daily meal services, counselling services, skills training, and group therapy.  Clients will follow a personal service plan which includes monitoring, drug testing, curfew, and other conditions in order to remain as a client. Aftercare clients will attend educational and support functions on a drop in or scheduled basis.  The facility will provide a positive environment to assist individuals transitioning back into society.  There will be a minimum of one staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the clients are supported. Clients will pay fees to reside at the location, and sign a good neighbour agreement around expectations about appropriate and respectful behavior, especially as it relates to the health and safety of themselves and the neighbourhood.

When will clients move in?

We anticipate that renovations will start in spring 2020 and complete in fall 2020.  Clients will move in following these renovations.

What will the facility look like?

The building will remain as it does now, the interior will be renovated to accommodate 10 double units of supportive recovery, as well as a commercial kitchen.

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