Steps of the intake process:

  1. Contact the Miklat office by phone or email to speak to us about the intake process and ask any questions you may have. Call 604-483-6462 or email
  2. Obtain referral forms and have them filled out by a referring agent such as a counsellor, mental health and addictions worker, probation officer, or doctor.
  3. Have medical portion of the referral form filled out by your family doctor or walk-in clinic doctor.
  4. Fax the forms to Miklat office fax line at 604-483-9397 or alternatively email them to 
  5. We will call you to confirm an intake date when your forms are received in our office and we have approved you for treatment.

**Please have all prescription medications put into blister-packs before arriving, as we cannot dispense medications unless they are blister-packed.  Alternatively, have prescriptions faxed to our office for us to have blister-packed.

Methadone/Suboxone Clients -Please bring a copy of your prescription with you or have it faxed to the office. The delivery block on the prescription form should be signed.  For Methadone clients, prescription should read the type of Methadone (methadose/metadol D).

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We encourage those who are interested in recovery to reach out to us, we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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