Please note: Secondary care will not be available until the second half of 2020.  See the following link for more information.

During the second phase of recovery at Miklat Recovery Society, clients are given more freedom.  We encourage them to return to work to pursue employment or explore educational goals, while providing supports and housing.  Staff continues to monitor clients in second stage making sure they attend recovery meetings, but we only require 3 meetings per week.  We provide support in house with an in house meeting weekly to discuss challenges and talk about victories, as well as to monitor for problems that need to be addressed.  Clients will be subjected to life skills classes such as attending Career Links in Powell River, which offers clients a chance to upgrade their job skills, write resumes, search for jobs, and take informative classes to help them re-enter the workforce.  Other life skills classes will include budgeting, physical fitness, nutritional health, yoga, and classes added as qualified instructors are located.  It is in our experience that clients who focus too much on working full time and allow their recovery to fall to the wayside will show signs of behavioral problems leading up to a relapse.  Therefore we monitor those clients closely and if necessary we will intervene and request that they reduce their work hours and find balance.  The goal of the second phase is to help clients find balance while they return to a structured healthy life.  Often it requires adjustments along the way in order to obtain that balance.

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